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I started writing text books in early 1997 and I am just completing the 15th. In case that seems like an inordinate amount of work let me explain that I don't write all or even most of the textbooks. They are group productions. Below is an excerpt from a unit I wrote for Impact English One (year 7s). The  cover picture features to the left. Clicking on the thumbnail will reveal a larger image (eventually). This book, like most of the texts I've produced, was published by Nelson Thomson Learning

From Unit 15 - A Pool in the Sand
Controlling Language

Nouns name things: car, trees, Melbourne, Peter, anger, fear…, these are all nouns. Nouns can be the subject of a sentence – Kosta braked sharply - or the object of a sentence – Kosta braked his motorbike sharply.

Types of nouns

There are four main types of nouns:

Common – the names of anything general that we can see, hear, or touch:. chair, venom, clouds, birds, air…

  A chair.

Proper – the specific names of people, places, days, months and objects.  Mao Zedong, Cathy Freeman, London, Thursday, August, The Simpsons, Winnie the Pooh, German, The Melbourne Cup, The Leaning Tower of Pisa…These nouns always start with a capital letter.

Ah, but my heart belongs to MARY.

Abstract - the names of feelings or qualities: love, hate, hunger, desire, anxiety… We cannot see, hear or touch these things.

Love - probably the most abstract emotion of all.

Collective – names given to a group of people or objects. Crowd, couple, audience, congregation, group, furniture, flock: these are collective nouns.

A FLOCK of geese.

  These four types of nouns are highlighted below:

Aden's Tale © Stephen Kimber, 2000

My name is Aden and I live by the sea. My father fishes for a living and I have no mother. The sea took her one stormy day and, though my father dived and swam and called out for her for hours, she was gone for ever. A flock of gulls cried overhead and I wept too, so that my tears formed a pool in the sand. We have learnt to deal with the sorrow but on still nights, when the fat full moon rides on the waters, I swear I can hear her voice. I put my head beneath the pillow and shudder, for she is calling me to join her.

Featured nouns

Proper noun  

Collective noun

Abstract noun

 Common noun



1. Fill in the blanks to complete these nouns:

S _ dne _  (name of an Australian city)

b _ y (a gender)

G_ _ at   _ ane (a breed of dog)

c _ _ pute _ (an essential piece of equipment)

jeal _ u _ y ( a feeling)

2. Fill in the gaps below with an appropriate noun.

a)      I live in the town/city of __________.

b)      My favourite __________ for a __________ is the beach.

c)      Our nearest beach is about _________ kilometres away.

d)      I like to visit ________ with my best friend, _________.

e)      The emotions I most like are ___________, __________, and __________.

f)        When I get work I’d like to start off as a _________.

3.      Identify whether the following are common, proper, abstract, or collective nouns:

elephant, Jakarta, fear, smoke, adrenalin, Tony Blair, pain, gang, mob, Peta

4.      Write a short paragraph about yourself. You might use Aden’s Tale as a model, or you might want to complete some information about yourself; for example, where you live, your parent’s names and so on.

5.      Name all the things you can see in the photo below. Then write a paragraph using as many of these nouns as possible.

                                                        It's a granny on a BMX bike atop the Golden Gate bridge, courtesy of Adobe advertising.



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