Who is Marli?


If people keep such records - and it is likely that they do - then the following facts may be extant on Marli:

  • 28 years of age
  • Born 13th Sept. (a Virgo through no fault of his own)
  • A qualified Maths and English teacher (a quaint and almost clichéd mis-match)
  • Currently not permanently employed.
  • Income of $13,218 last financial year, some of which was earned through ghost-writing papers for a number of university students with whom Marli keeps up a mutually profitable relationship.
  • Mother:  Neritta  Tu A'Laoupe, a Tahitian woman who emigrated to Australia in 1972.  Marli has dined out on the notion that his mother was the sole progeny of a Tahitian woman named Aua and an Irish Jesuit priest who renounced his vows for love.
  • Father:  Seamus O'Malley. A feckless drunk who is responsible for nothing of Marli's nature other than what some have decried as a whimsical disregard for social niceties. Marli is the son who has never seen his father (other than in the virtual reality of photographs). Seamus did  legally marry Marli's mother; his birth certificate records him as Thomas Noah O'Malley. The fact that only Marli, his mother, and the woman whose form his eyes so hungrily devour (yes, right now, as you are reading) know this, says much...

So much for the records. Let us remark ...

his jade eyes. These are directly related to Marli's loss of virginity. It pains Marli to confess to this  - the first time was beneath a juniper tree in a friend's yard. None have meant anything to him for SHE has been the subject, the icon, the sole receptacle of his love since Marli was twelve. However, the eyes of unrequited lovers own a certain lustre.

his olive skin. That may also have something to do with it...

or a habit of saying the most alarming things at the most inopportune of moments. This distracts  some and annoys others, but it leaves those addicted to Marli's insouciance all aflutter. For instance Marli imagines discussing Schrodinger's cat with SHE, even as he takes five dollars from his wallet and stands to leave...


© Stephen Kimber, 2000